Lgl Ross, as a member of the network SLIG - Sports Lawyers International Group ( provides legal and tax advice to athletes, sports agents and institutions, through a specialized and personalized service based on deep industry knowledge.


- Athletes, agents and representatives
- Referees
- Coaches
- Sports clubs and entities
- Federations, Sports Associations and International Organizations
- Organizers of major events
- Investment funds


Negotiating and drafting of employment contracts of athletes, collective bargaining, as well as any other convent between them and their respective clubs.

Management and monitoring of national and international transfers of professional athletes, assessing the legal and financial security of these operations. Buy and sell economic and sporting rights; transfer fee, formation and solidarity.

Litigation and discipline sports, doping, betting online before sport entities, national or international boards, commissions and arbitral tribunals, such as the Dispute Resolution Chamber of FIFA (DRC) or the Court of Arbitration for Sport in Lausanne (TAS).

Career management of the athlete.
Preparation of a professional strategy that consists of choosing from the country in which the athlete will be established to the city, the club, the transfer of family, school of their children, food, lifestyle, psychologist, and administrative issues related to immigration.

Legal and Tax Equity Engineering
Legal and tax advice to optimize revenue, reduce taxation and income taxes, social security contributions and real estate transactions. Sports Specific exemptions, reduction of tax revenue and avoid double taxation.

Intellectual Property athletes, clubs, sports associations and federations.
Image Management and Sponsorship Contract athletes and clubs. Creation of companies for the exploitation of image rights, trademarks and trademark licenses. Contracts for image transfer or assignment of contracts, sponsorship or advertising, litigation management linked to the image contentious counterfeiting and unfair competition, ambush marketing (parasitism).

Drafting of bylaws, Articles of Incorporation of Sports Federations and Associations,
public-private associations and projects for the development of sport subsidized by the government .

Facilitating business and investment
in sports facilities through privileged contacts in different countries with clubs , sponsors, businesses and sports teams sports media .